The Top Furniture Trends of 2016

Bold patterns and statements are in for 2016. Blue and white are still the top color choices, but mixed metallics join the bunch and add a modern vibe. Sleek styles toned down with vibrant patterns can be seen on decorating sights across the Internet. Designers for Viyet who talked to the Huffington Post said they loved the combination of simple stripes as a feature wall.


As long as the furniture has a cowhide rug on it or covering it, the item will be in style in 2016. If it looks like a cow, it is most definitely in the mix for display options. Consider playing around with solid and patterned rugs to see what combination works in a particular space like the den.


The Wall Street Journal says that moderate use of chevrons is perfectly acceptable in home decor styles in the upcoming year. Bold is fine here as long as the pattern is balanced out with enough solid materials. Chevrons make an excellent accent piece.


The Business Insider says to get chairs in bright blue colors for a pop of style. Blue works best as an accent piece, but it is perfectly acceptable as the main color too. Homeowners are using blue in a variety of ways like adding vases, baskets, picture frames, and chandeliers that all have blue features to their homes.

Modern traditional

Upgraded items that are reminiscent of the past are one of the most popular furniture trends in the coming year. Slim furniture with traditional paisley and stripes fit into any room. Accent pillows are also making a comeback in 2016. Wallpaper patterns heavy in floral print and blue stripes are a favorite choice among remodeling homeowners.

Sleek and metallic

Gold and mixing metallic colors are two more trends that designers are seeing emerge for 2016. People want stylish and trim, but elegant and bold at the same time. They want to make a statement with a minimalist design. Furniture with gold trim used to be considered gaudy, but this style has come back into fashion recently. Silver on black or dark wood is another popular combination that decorators and designers are seeing pop back up in home decor.

Blonde furniture

The lighter, the better this year because anything blonde is in when it comes to furniture. Light colored tables with honey highlights adorn the offices of new businesses while custom cabinets are being ordered in honey and beige’s that homeowners feel will add a welcome atmosphere to their home. Open cabinets are the most popular furniture style in the kitchen. People want easy access to their dinnerware.

This year’s trends are a mix of old and new. Property owners want to show off what they have in bold patterns and colors while maintaining a sense of spaciousness by streamlining the design into a sleek and elegant take on the old and comfortable. Organization meets funky statements is where the furniture trends lie in 2016. People want metal accents, blue colors, and cowhide rugs and couches.