How to Evaluate Franchise Opportunities

In order to improve on your success probability, evaluate yourself, your weaknesses and strengths and the franchisor and which industry it operates.

The following are ways of choosing your franchise.

The location of the business

The location of the business requires a professional site selection. The site selection of a business is very critical since it is that specific demographic survey that confirms enough target in your territory.

The service or product delivered for customers

There is need for services or product to be offered. That need is already being addressed by the units that are existing. A specific business plan has been come up with by the franchisor to teach or show how to market the products or services to the customer base, how to deliver the products and services and how to tag the prices of their services and products too.

The initial capital invested by the venture

A budget that controls the cost is provided by the franchisor. At the beginning is when you will know whether the amount of money you have is enough to start. By buying power, you will keep the cost low, and by following the plan that was prepared will enable you to get the maximum profit.

The management

The management starts with you. The office trainings and the constant assistance will maintain you on the track.

You should always remember that your franchisor have the know-how and you have paid them for that , therefore by working hand in hand with them will enable you to succeed in this business.

Choice making.

It is a confusing process to choose the right franchise.

 1.The first thing is that you must trust the service or product that the franchise will deliver. Identify whether the place you are delivering the services is stable, saturated or long-term.

2.Then you identify the future of the industry.

   3.Determine your future returns in terms of the learning probability. Most franchisors do not provide projections of earnings but you should make an effort of confirming the earnings from other existing franchises.

 4.Let them get your projections by calling them regularly. If the franchisor won’t give you its list of franchisees then you should end the discussions.

Disclosure document for the franchise

The disclosure document for a franchise is a thick document (50 pages and above). It has useful information about the business and allows you to become familiar with the future details of your relationship. It is a document that answers many questions such as the following

1.The question of what a company is, the background of the business and its history.

2.The question of what a franchisor is.

3.The question of what the business offers. It describes the agreement length, its territories, opportunities and responsibilities.

4.What is your promise? Most of the franchisors today will always restrict your activities and restrict you from accessing their system without royalty payments after and during the end of the agreements.